Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bonus birds

Wasn't expecting to head out today as my parents were coming to visit, but my Mum and better half were discussing wedding dresses, so my Dad and I were told to make ourselves scarce! We headed out for a stroll up to the quarry, I wasn't planning on doing much photography, but grabbed the camera in case any birds were feeling cooperative.

Cooperative might be stretching it a bit, but the birds were certainly active in the winter sun, getting down to the serious business of extablishing territories. I soon added to my growing collection of birds with an overexposed background by snapping a calling male great tit, before my Dad spotted a mottled umber chilling out on a bramble leaf - moth number two for the year.

50: Great Tit
Great Tit
51: Mottled Umber
Mottled Umber at rest
A bit further round the quarry a mixed tit flock came to join us, doubtless eager to share in our musings on politics, fracking and the complete inability of the media to hold any kind of meaningful debate on any subject which involves any amount of science. We broke off briefly from discussing the insanity of having a debate on fracking without a geologist, hydrologist or indeed any kind of ist present, to watch a lovely and diminutive Goldcrest flitting around a holly bush, and take few ropy photos.

52: Goldcrest
A Goldcrest being very small
After that we headed home to see if the great wedding dress discussion was complete, pausing only to finally add the remarkably elusive Collared Dove to the bird list. Four species added and the half-century reached!

53: Collared Dove
Collared Dove wondering what the big shiny thing being pointed at it is
Total: 53 Species - see all the photos here

UK Life List: 1275 Species

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